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Postal Code: D-52249 Eschweiler

International  Dialing Code: 0049 2403 

National Dialing Code: 02403

Website:   www.eschweiler.de

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Where are you living now?


Where are you living now?

You are now living in Eschweiler (Germany), a city with about 56.000 inhabitants in the west of Germany (State: North-Rhine-Westphalia; abbreviation: NRW). Eschweiler lies between the city of Aachen and the City of Cologne. Eschweiler belongs to the StädteRegion Aachen, which is an administrative network of 10 cities including Aachen which the biggest city in the StädteRegion Aachen.

Around Eschweiler you find the following cities: Stolberg, Würselen, Alsdorf, Langerwehe. Here you find a map showing Eschweiler and the cities around:


Eschweiler is a city in the Euregio Maas-Rhine, a network of German, Belgium and Dutch cities. Close to Eschweiler you find the German-Dutch and the German-Belgium border. [here: insert map of the German-Belgium-Dutch Border Region)


Distances (from Eschweiler to ...):


Major Transport Links from and to Eschweiler (see additional information at "Transportation"):


Railway line Aachen - Cologne (passing Eschweiler via the Eschweiler Central Station "Hauptbahnhof")

Euregio Bahn (Heerlen (Netherland) - Düren (Germany; Stolberg (Germany) - Alsdorf - Stolberg (passing Eschweiler via the Eschweiler railway station "Talbahnhof")


Bus lines to all parts of the city of Eschweiler as well as to surrounding cities start from the Bus Central Station "Bushof" and from several starting points all of over the city of Eschweiler.


Highway ("Autobahn") A4 Aachen - Cologne with "Junction Eschweiler-West", "Junction Eschweiler-Ost"


Airport Cologne, Airport Düsseldorf, Airport Maastricht-Aachen, Airport Liège, Airport Charleroi (= Brussels-South), Airport Brussels (Central), 


Here you find a translator for words and parts of text from nearly any language into German. The translator automatically detects the language of origin and translates it into the German language or the language that you choose.

Start translation here




Many institutions and organizations provide useful apps that can help you to organize your life in Germany and guide you to learn the German language. Most of them are available in several languages and build for Android (Google Play) and iOS systems (Apple Store). Many of them can also be downloaded and used via internet. Most of them are available in different language versions.

Here a selection of these apps (free of charge):


First information for newcomers provided by BAMF Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge:







First information for everyday life in Germany with download offers of brochures  and other information is also provided by



Guide for refugees in Germany provided by ARD Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands (Television/Radio):



Actual information on political issues around the world is provided by WDR Westdeutscher Rundunk (TV/Radio) in English and other languages at





Guide on traffic rules in Germany provided by ADFC Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club:



Actual information on political issues around the world is provided for Arabic speaking people by ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (Television) at



Basic information on the German language and culture in Germany is provide by the app



Basic information on work and jobs in Germany for asylumseekers is provided by BA Bundesagentur für Arbeit at



The constitution of Germany can be downloaded here:




Basic information on Germany, its culture, society, economy and history as well as basic knowledge of the German language are important assets for a successful life in your new home Germany and Eschweiler.

Several public and private institutions and organizations provide opportunities to achieve basic knowledge of the German language and on Germany and its society.


Here three examples for online information and training:

Language training, information on Germany and many practical information for life in Germany are offered by the Goethe-Institut in many languages at



Videos on everyday life in Germany are provided by the Goethe-Institut at



Videos on German language at work and online training of the German language for the work place can be found on





Many public and private institutions and organizations in Eschweiler provide help and services for newcomers to Eschweiler. Here you find a list with information on these services and support in the following areas:



Town Hall Eschweiler

The city administration Eschweiler serves as a general information and support point for the citizens of Eschweiler. You can reach the city administration by phone: 

02403  71-0 (telephone switchboard)

Internet:  www.eschweiler.de


The Department for Social Affairs, Seniors and Integration of the city administration Eschweiler is in charge of nearly all questions and problems of migrant´s/refugee´s residence in Eschweiler.

Mrs. Demet Jawher      Phone: 02403 71-320

E-Mail:   demet.jawher(at)eschweiler.de


Particular information for migrants/refugees in Eschweiler are provided by the website  




To help refugees and other newcomers to Eschweiler the City of Eschweiler has established a specific support office. The support office is located at


Gutenbergstraße 52
52249 Eschweiler
Phone   02403  7202124


The district manager at the consulting point is in charge to support refugees and newcomers to find their way in their new home in Eschweiler and to help to solve problems in everyday life, particularly for refugees living in the west district of Eschweiler.

For refugees and newcomers living in a temporary home at Stich 3 and Huettenstrasse the district manager offers regular consultation hours in both temporary homes once a week.

Additional information on the consulting point and its regular consultation hours are provided at its website



For all refugees and newcomers to Eschweiler prior 27 years only support in everyday life also is provided by the support office of the AWO Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Aachen-Land e.V. at


MBE Migrationsberatung für erwachsene Zuwanderer


Gutenbergstraße 52 
52249 Eschweiler
Phone   02403  7202117



In case of emergency for help of the Police please call:

110 (emergency call, uniform all over Germany; free of charge).


In all other cases for help of the police please contact the police station at Eschweiler:


Preyer Strasse 32-34
D-52249 Eschweiler
Phone: 02403 9577-0

In case of emergency for help of the Fire Brigade/Rescue Service please call:


112 (emergency call, uniform all over Germany; free of charge).


Participation/Integration Council


The Integration Council at the City of Eschweiler is an elected board which counsels the city administration with regard to migrant affairs in Eschweiler.

Chairwoman of the Integration Council at the City of Eschweiler is

Mrs. Nora Hamidi


Vice Chairman:

Ferdi Küsek


Vice Chairman:

Kasim Ramic
kale.ramic(at)gmx.de  Phone: 02403 503113     


Office hours of the Integration Council:  

Tuesdays         8:30 - 12:00 h

Thursdays    17:00 - 18:00 h


Town Hall Eschweiler

Johannes-Rau-Platz 1

D-52249 Eschweiler


Room 141 

Phone 02403 71509


Social Care Organizations


Services, advice in different living situations and special support for migrants/refugees in Eschweiler is provided by a number of social care and charity organizations.

AWO Kreisverband Aachen-Land e.V.

Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 46-48

52249 Eschweiler

Phone  02403 87890



SKF Sozialdienst Kath. Frauen Eschweiler e.V.

Peilsgasse 1-3

52249 Eschweiler

Phone  02403 609180



SKM Sozialdienst Kath. Männer

Dürener Strasse 40

52249 Eschweiler

Phone  02403 34889


Sozialverband VdK

Marienstrasse 7

52249 Eschweiler


Sozialverband Deutschland

Marienstrasse 7

(Städt. Seniorenzentrum)

52249 Eschweiler

Phone 02403 889462



Marienstrasse 7

(Städt. Seniorenzentrum)

52249 Eschweiler

Phone  02403 505370


Caritasverband für die Regionen Aachen-Stadt und Aachen-Land e.V.

Scheibenstrasse 16

Phone  0241 94927-0

52070 Aachen



Caritas/WABe Fachberatungsstelle für Menschen in besonderen sozialen Schwierigkeiten

Franzstrasse 19

52249 Eschweiler

Phone  02403 800414


Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

Jülicher Strasse 61

52249 Eschweiler

Phone  02403 26299



Die Johanniter

Bourscheidstrasse 11

52249 Eschweiler

Phone  02403 26699


Malteser Hilfsdienst

Johannisstrasse 28

52249 Eschweiler

Phone 02403 66707




The organizations SkF Sozialdienst Kath. Frauen Eschweiler e.V. and AWO Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Aachen-Land e.V. in Eschweiler run clothing stores, where needy people can get clothing for free or at a low price.

SkF Kleiderstube

Peilsgasse 1-3

52249 Eschweiler

Phone   02403 6091818



AWO Kleiderkammer

Talstrasse  70

52249 Eschweiler

Phone   02403 87890




The organization AWO Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Aachen-Land in Eschweiler runs a furniture store, where needy people can get furniture at a low price.

AWO Möbellager

Talstrasse  70

52249 Eschweiler

Phone   02403 87890




The City Administration Eschweiler weekly publishes a list of rentable flats. Please contact the Department of Social Affairs, Seniors and Integration

Mrs. Alexandra Gronen

Phone 02403 71510.

This department also provides information on conditions and financial support for housing in Eschweiler.


Rentable flats in Eschweiler are also offered in newspapers and advertising journals. In Eschweiler these are:

Filmpost (published always on Wednesday, free of charge, supplied to all households in Eschweiler)

www.filmpost.de (with online version of the current issue)


Super Sonntag (published on Sunday, free of charge, supplied to all households in Eschweiler)



Eschweiler Zeitung/Eschweiler Nachrichten (published Monday-Saturday; subject to a charge)

Furthermore a regional advertising portal offers of rentable flats can be found:




Environment/Waste Disposal

To maintain a clean urban environment Eschweiler has an advanced system for waste disposal of the households. Specific garbage cans are provided for domestic waste, plastic waste, green waste and paper waste. The different garbage cans are regularly emptied according to a city wide weekly schedule of garbage collection in Eschweiler.

Further information on this waste disposal system in Eschweiler and the weekly schedule of the garbage collection is provided by the City Administration Eschweiler


Mr. Frank Josef Böhmer

Phone  02403 71300

and the website





Germany disposes of an advanced health care system comprising medical treatment by physicians, hospitals, pharmacy and other healthcare facilities. The medical services are paid by health insurances, where citizens are members and pay their monthly insurance contributions.

Citizens that are not member of such a health insurance organization - as are most refugees/asylum seekers - have to contact the city administration before they can visit a doctor.

In Eschweiler newcomers not member of a heath insurance organization prior to use of medical services have to contact the

Department of Social Affairs, Seniors and Integration

Town Hall

Johannes-Rau-Platz 1

52249 Eschweiler

Mr. Andreas Weber
Phone 02403 71306

Mr. Daniel Merken
Phone  02403 71531  

to ask for permission.

Access to medical services of the Hospital in Eschweiler is provided by an admission to hospital by a physician or in case of emergency.


Hospital in Eschweiler:

St. Antonius Hospital

Dechant-Deckers-Strasse  8

52249 Eschweiler


Phone  02403  76-0




In Germany children between the age of one year and below 6 years in general visit a kindergarten from Monday to Friday (morning or morning and afternoon). At the age of 6 years they have to go to school (compulsory schooling).

In Eschweiler actually 32 kindergarten all over the city of Eschweiler children under 6 years are provided early education. A list of all kindergarten in Eschweiler is provided at  www.eschweiler.de. Advise in all question with regard to early education of children is given by

Mrs. Edith Platau
Phone 02403 71513.

For young people´s leisure activities the City of Eschweiler has installed the youth centre


at Hehlrather Str. 15, 52249 Eschweiler. Information on activities at the youth centre is given by its website 



For additional information please call at CHECK IN

Mrs. Nicole Hillemacher
Phone 02403 748746.


Advise in all question with regard to education and support for children, young people and parents is provided by the Youth Welfare Department of the City of Eschweiler (phone  02403 71-0).



At the age of 6 years in Germany children start their school careers at the Primary School (German: "Grundschule"). In Germany schooling is compulsory till the age of 18.

Eschweiler disposes of all types of school for a qualified school education. A complete list of all schools in Eschweiler is given by



Detailed information with regard to all questions around "school" and "schooling" is provided by the School Administration Office of the City of Eschweiler (Phone: 02403 71-0).


Learning the German Language

Disposing of good German language skills is an essential for a successful life in Germany. So learning the German language is a requirement for all newcomers to Germany and Eschweiler.

German language courses are offered by the adult education centre (German: "Volkshochschule"), which is an institution of the City of Eschweiler. 

The "Volkshochschule" is located in the centre of Eschweiler at Kaiserstrasse 4a.

Detailed Information on learning German there is provided by

Mrs. Marga Müller
Phone 02403 702750.


General information on the learning offers of the "Volkshochschule" in Eschweiler are also obtainable by its website 



The "Volkshochschule" also offers integration courses for migrants, giving an insight into history, culture, everyday life and language in Germany and support active integration in Germany and in Eschweiler.



Information on job opportunities, legal and other conditions for migrants/refugees to work in Germany and Eschweiler and financial and other support for job seekers is provided by the employment agencies

Agentur für Arbeit

Indestrasse 4
52249 Eschweiler

Phone 0800 4 555500 



JobCenter/Integration Point

Indestrasse 4
52249 Eschweiler                                            

Rosenallee 28
52249 Eschweiler

Phone (Service  Centre):
0241 886810


Information on the procedure to achieve a recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany is provided in detail by the website (several languages) 



Information on recognition of foreign school certificates and foreign diplomas as well as other qualifications is given on the website


www.  anabin.kmk.org.



The city administration and many social and charity organizations support elderly people for an active aging. Medical health and geriatric nursing is provided by physicians and geriatric care services (run by private companies and social organizations). Several private, state owned and retirement homes of non-profit organization offer housing opportunities and care for elderly people that cannot stay at home any longer.

Information on all questions and problems of becoming old in Eschweiler and with regard to organize support for the life of seniors in Eschweiler are provided by the


Commissioner for Seniors of the City Administration Eschweiler

Mr. Peter Toporowski
Phone 02403 71678.


In the city centre of Eschweiler at Marienstrasse 7 (phone 02403 505360; opening times: Monday-Friday 11:00 - 17:00 h) a senior centre run by the City Administration offers lunch at low prices for elderly people. The senior centre also organizes activities for seniors and provides counselling with regard to become old in Eschweiler.

Information on projects, events and other activities to suppot elderly people in Eschweiler is also provided by the website



Detailed information on support for elderly people, but also on vocational training and jobs in the field of social and health care for elderly people is provided by the website





Many private associations provide opportunities for sport activities in nearly all areas of sports as well of culture in Eschweiler. The city forest and the "Blausteinsee" are important leisure facilities in the city.


At the Town Hall (Johannes-Rau-Platz 1) a public library run by the City Administration of Eschweiler offers books, DVDs and other media for rent for low fee. General information about the public library and its offers for the citizens can be asked from


Mrs. Schmülling-Kosel
Phone  02403 71310.

Detailed information around the offers and services of the public library is also given by the website www.eschweiler.de (Freizeit/Kultur).


Churches/Religious Communities


All legally recognized churches and religious communities are present at Eschweiler. Additional information on churches and religious communities is provided at the website

http://www.eschweiler.de  (Freizeit/Kultur - Einrichtungen-Kirchengemeinden).

A jewish synagogue is located at Aachen (Synagogenplatz 23, 52062 Aachen). On its website 


the Jewish Community Aachen reports detailed on its history and current activities.

Also Islamic organizations and communities have built mosques and prayer rooms in Eschweiler and the Aachen region. The website



helps to find a mosque in Eschweiler and around.



Public holidays in Eschweiler, belonging to federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the Federal Republic of Germany are:


New Year´s Day  (January 1) – Neujahrstag

Good Friday - Karfreitag

Easter Monday - Ostermontag

Labour Day (May 1) – Tag der Arbeit

Ascension Day - Himmelfahrstag

Whit Monday - Pfingstmontag

Corpus Christi - Fronleichnamstag

Anniversary of German unification (October 3) – Tag der Deutschen Einheit

All saint´s day – Allerheiligen


Christmas (December 25 and 26) – Weihnachten 


Mobility/Bus and Train

In the city area of Eschweiler an advanced system of bus lines has been established by which nearly any location in Eschweiler and arount can be reached by local public transportation.

Public transportation in Eschweiler and also in Germany is not free of charge, but offered at an in advance payable fee for any route.

The busses in Eschweiler operate on a timetable indicating departure times at the bus stops on the street. The central bus station in Eschweiler is located at the crossways Indestrasse/Dechant-Deckers-Strasse. Detailed information on the departure times of the busses, fees for transportation and services offered is provided by the website



Furthermore two railway lines - Euregiobahn and DB Bahn - can be used to travel from Eschweiler to other cities in the region or in Germany as well as to locations in other countries.

The central station of the (national) railway line is located at Reigate und Bansted-Platz 1, 52249 Eschweiler. The Euregiobahn can be reached at the Talbahnhof (Raiffeisenplatz, 52249 Eschweiler) in the city center of Eschweiler.

Here you find detailed information on departure times and fees for transportation and how and where to buy a ticket (always in advance!):






DB Bahn:




Transportation of letters in Germany is organized solely by the Deutsche Post. Delivery of parcels is done by Deutsche Post and other private parcel services.

The Deutsche Post at Eschweiler has its central office in the city centre at Franzstrasse 17, 52249 Eschweiler. In some other city districts of Eschweiler branches of Deutsche Post are available in shops.

Telecommunication and internet access - landline and mobile - is provided by Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and some smaller providers. In the city centre of Eschweiler all big telecommunication providers have their company establishments providing services and support.


In Germany television is run by public and private organizations. Any household is obliged to pay broadcasting fees. TV reception is organized via cable (subject to a charge by the cable provider), DVBT TV (free) and via satellite reception (free of charge).


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Concept and Production:

Dr. Wolfgang Joussen

B-PLAN Büro für sozialwissenschaftliche Analysen und Planungen Dr. Joussen

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Based on an early design of a welcome app for newcomers by the participants of the project MINT Mobility and Integration Europe 2020, co-funded by the “Europe for Citizens Programme” of the European Union       (2014/2015, promoter: Stadt Eschweiler; partners: Stadt Stolberg (D), Gemeente Kerkrade (NL), Stadt Eupen (B), Commune di Ortona (I), Ville de Wattrelos (F), Pasman (HR), Los Santos de Maimona (ES). Additional information on the MINT Project are available at


and at



Technical Realization:

Mihael Jedvaj, Mirano Tuk (programmer), Andrija Prelec (graphic design), Wolfgang Joussen (production)


StaedteRegion Aachen/Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (KOMM-AN Program)


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